•  Operator of the biggest pipeline in Europe and critical gas infrastructure for Western, Central and Southern Europe

Gas Transmission


Eustream operates a gas transmission network in the Slovak Republic whose primary mission is to transport natural gas to Slovakia and across its territory to European markets. The company has been performing this role since 1972.

In 2020 alone, Eustream transported 57 billion cubic meters of gas. Thanks to the continual modernization and upgrading of its infrastructure, Eustream ensures the safe and reliable supply of gas to Central, Western and Southern Europe and also in the greatest possible extent reduces gas transportation impacts on the environment.

Eustream’s business partners include major energy companies from both EU and non-EU member states.

Eustream operates a high-pressure gas transmission system that is interconnected with major European trunk lines in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. A new interconnector pipeline with Poland is under construction, allowing Central and Eastern European countries to gain direct access to the global LNG market.

The transmission system consists of four to five parallel pipelines mostly 48/56 inches in diameter with an operating pressure of 7.35 MPa. The pressure differential required for a continuous gas flow is currently provided by four large compressor stations with an aggregated installed power of almost 500 MW. The new fifth 46 MW compressor station is currently undergoing tests just prior to its commissioning. The most important compressor station is located at Veľké Kapušany close to the Ukrainian-Slovak border.

Eustream continually strives to modernize and upgrade the gas infrastructure. For that reason, the company has implemented several projects aimed at enhancing system operation and communication with their customers.

Access to the transmission system is entry-exit based. The access regime is in full compliance with existing legislation and gas industry standards. For entering and exiting the system customers can choose from the following entry/exit points:

  • Veľké Kapušany (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Ukraine)
  • Baumgarten (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Austria)
  • Lanžhot (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Czech Republic)
  • Budince (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Ukraine)
  • Veľké Zlievce (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Hungary)
  • Domestic point (point to/from the distribution networks and storage reservoirs in Slovakia)
  • Výrava (point to/from the natural gas transmission network in Poland under construction with planned launch in 2022)

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Largest transmission route in Europe
Key strategic asset for Slovakia and the EU
Stable and attractive regulatory environment
Experienced management team with excellent track record