Gas and Power Distribution

As a monopoly distributor of natural gas in Slovakia, our subsidiary SPP – distribúcia (“SPPD”) is pivotal in ensuring a reliable supply of gas while facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources. We’re focused on reducing methane leakage and preparing our network for the distribution of hydrogen and other renewable gases.

EPIF considers distribution of hydrogen as instrumental in decarbonizing various sectors, including hard-to-abate industries such as steel manufacturing, heavy transportation (shipping, aviation, long-haul trucks), dispatchable power generation, or fertilizer production. SPPD acts as a facilitator for the interaction between producers and potential end consumers of hydrogen, particularly large industrial entities seeking viable solutions for decarbonization.

Significant share of the SPPD network is already made of polyethylene, a material with superior permeability characteristics, making it suitable for the potential distribution of pure hydrogen. Virtually all new Capex is currently spent on hydrogen-ready pipes, gradually extending the network suitable for hydrogen accommodation. In 2022, SPPD successfully completed a pilot project in which 10% of hydrogen was blended into the gas distribution network in a small village in Slovakia. In addition to ensuring hydrogen readiness, SPPD enables connections of biomethane stations into its network and operates a registry of renewable gases to connect biomethane producers with offtakers. In the transitional period, SPPD focuses on reducing methane leakage through a robust Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) program.

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