EP Infrastructure (EPIF) is a leading European energy infrastructure utility focused on gas transmission, gas and power distribution, heat and power generation and gas storage.

With principal operations in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, EP Infrastructure is a unique European entity with a large and diverse infrastructure asset base. Measured by EBITDA, the group is among the five largest industrial groups based in the Czech Republic in 2022.

EP Infrastructure operates critical energy infrastructure through various subsidiaries in four principal segments: gas transmission, gas and power distribution, heat infra and gas storage.

Group highlights

  • EP Infrastructure controls the Eustream gas transmission pipeline, the largest gas corridor for deliveries of gas to Western, Central and Southern Europe.
  • The group is important gas distributor and electricity distributor in the Slovak Republic and is the leading distributor of heat to final consumers in the Czech Republic.
  • EP Infrastructure holds the largest gas storage capacity in the region of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria, and also holds significant share on the German market.

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