Eustream among Core Infrastructure of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) Initiative

13. 4. 2021

Slovak gas TSO Eustream has joined the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative with the aim to facilitate future hydrogen transit flows within the EU. The EHB initiative now proposes an updated vision of a hydrogen network of 39,700km connecting 21 European countries by 2040. Slovak part represents an important contribution to this initiative, enabling future import of hydrogen, potentially supplied from Ukraine, or other cross-border transit flows.

Eustream operates a part of the European  backbone network consisting of 4-5 parallel pipelines connecting Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland in the near future. 

Eustream carefully follows the announced plans and partnerships indicating future green hydrogen production in the EU and neighbouring countries, with significant potential identified in Ukraine. The system of parallel pipelines will allow Eustream to develop hydrogen transportation gradually, depending on how fast the new production capacities are launched. 

“Our robust transmission system would offer a flexible and very cost-effective way of transporting green energy further to EU markets. We are committed to make our infrastructure hydrogen-ready and thus strongly contribute to the EU’s decarbonisation objectives” Eustream’s general director Rastislav Ňukovič.

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