EP Infrastructure to Undertake Strategic Review

9. 7. 2021


EP Infrastructure to Undertake Strategic Review

EP Infrastructure, a.s. (“EPIF” or “the Company”), a leading European energy infrastructure utility focused on gas transmission, gas and power distribution, heat and power generation and gas storage, announces that it has commenced a strategic review, which may include an initial public offering, among other options.

About EPIF

EPIF is a leading European energy infrastructure utility primarily focused on regulated and / or long-term contracted activities. The Company owns and operates strategically important energy infrastructure assets across Gas Transmission, Gas and Power Distribution, Heat Infra and Gas Storage.

Gas Transmission: Eustream acts as the sole gas Transmission System Operator (“TSO”) in the Slovak Republic. Eustream’s pipeline is part of the Central Corridor, which is one of the largest and most important piped gas import routes into Europe

Gas and Power Distribution: EPIF is a leader in the gas distribution market in the Slovak Republic and the second largest distributor and supplier of power in the Slovak Republic

Heat Infra: EPIF is a significant operator of heat distribution systems in the Czech Republic

Gas Storage: EPIF is a leader in gas storage capacity in the region of the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Austria


Daniel Častvaj, castvaj@epholding.cz

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