EPH and EP Infrastructure results for the first half ot the year 2015

2. 11. 2015

company prepared, non-audited, under IFRS

Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (“EPH”) EBITDA, which is the Operating Profit before Depreciation and Amortization, for the first half of this year reached EUR 832 million for EPH (+149 million, or 21.8% compared to the end of June 2014) and EUR 741 million (+154 million, or +26.2%) for EP Infrastructure)1.

EPH last twelve months EBITDA as of June 30, 2015 amounted to EUR 1,543 million (+149 million, or +10.7%, in comparison to FY 2014 EBITDA). Last twelve months EBITDA of EP Infrastructure for the same period reached EUR 1,378 million (+154 million, or +12.6%).

EPH sales for the last twelve months as of June 30, 2015 amounted to EUR 3,927 million and sales of EP Infrastructure1 sales reached EUR 3,170 million.

1 Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. (“EPH”), considers internal reorganisation of its holdings in group entities involved in energy infrastructure activities in Central Europe to place all such entities under one intermediary parent, EP Infrastructure, a.s.

For more information about EP Infrastructure please see: www.epinfrastructure.cz